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eworkStudy: Pupils do too much homeworkStudy: Pupils do too much homework01-19-2018 08:58 BJTChinese children spen▓d too much time studying and not enough o▓n activities that develop their social skills, which could a▓ffect their ability to forge personal and professional rel▓ationships as adults, research shows.A study by the China National Children's Ce▓nter found that while 48 percent of youngster▓s attend cram sessions after school, more than half say they rarely

have time to play with friends.The Blue Book of Children: The Annual Report on Children'▓s Participation 2017, which was released on Thursday, a▓lso found almost a third of primary sc▓hool children spend more than two hours on homewor▓k o

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8,847 childr▓en in fifth grade and above. Respondents were spread across urban and rural areas in seven cities, i▓ncluding Beijing, Harbin and Guiyang.The center said the large number of hours spent studying has made children's participation in extracurricular activities "inadequate", with 68 percent having never participated in activities unrelated to school and study. More than 14 percent reported they've never even talked with their next-do▓or neighbors.Study also dominates parent-child interactions. More than 90 percent of r▓espondents said their conversations with parents focus on school performance, whe▓reas one-third reported their parents never t▓alk about their job and more than 25 percent never talk a▓bout how to manage money, it said.Rana Flowers,▓ China's representative to UNICEF, stressed▓ the importance of children's particip

ation in aspects other than just school, which help cultiv▓ate children's skills such as teamwork, communica▓tion and anal

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problems."Children do not suddenly become responsible, participating adults at the age of 18 or 21," she said. "Without these, the children of today will not su▓cceed in the jobs of tomorrow."Other statistics also shed light on the academic pr▓essure of Chinese schoolchildren.According to▓ a 2015 survey conducted by Afanti锛峚n online learning app锛峮early half of school-age children in China spent an average of three hours on▓ homework each day, four times of their counterparts in Japan and six times those in South Korea.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the▓ QR Code to follow us on WechatNothing c▓an be more heartbreaking for a family than when their chil▓d goes missing.China Breakthroughs: New technologi

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▓es give hope to missing children's familiesChina Breakthroughs: New technologies give hope to missing chi▓ldren's families10-30-2017 11:24 BJTNoth▓ing can be more heartbreaking for a family than when their child goes missing. At first, they could be in denial assuming their loved one is temporarily lost and expect to find them soon. But as the minutes tick by and ▓an hour or two later, the parents begin to panic.▓They realize it's no longer a joke as they may have though▓t the child was just hiding to be naughty. And the longer it takes to recover the child, the more unlikely the kid can return safely home.Here's where every moment counts, a time for ▓action or risk losing the child, perhaps for the rest of their lives. They must alert the peopl▓e nearby and issue out a public appeal; but if the child w▓as abducted by a total stranger then mo

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